English Language Arts and Reading


Free Current Events Lessons – Articles plus questions designed to promote critical thinking

English Language Learners

ESL Elementary Sites - for English Language Learners
ESL Lab – great reading comprehension practice
Free ESL Materials – Plus information in many languages


60 Second Recap - great works of literature broken down into 60 second video clips
Awesome Stories - the story place of the web
Elementary Summer Reading - from BrightHub
Free e-books online - 20 best sites
Interactive Reading - list of sites
Project Gutenberg - free ebooks


Magnetic Poetry – encourages students to read poetry, then create their own

Reading Comprehension/Fluency

Reading Rockets – Measuring and teaching fluency and comprehension

Writing Content

Pantagraph - Best 100 first lines from novels
Writing Fix – Writing prompt ideas based on classical works of literature plus some random idea generators

Writing Organization

9 Tools - create mind maps
Smashing Magazine - 50 free resources to help your writing

Writing Mechanics

English Language Center Study Zone – grammar resources from the University of Victoria, Canada


Fun with Words - try these sites:
Bemboo's Zoo, Building Language for Literacy,
Fridge Magnet Poetry, Make a Word, Quiz Tree, 
Road Hog Spelling, Visual Dictionary Online,
VocabAhead, Word Magnets, Zoom Playhouse
Online Vocabulary - games
SAT words - over 1,000 for practice
Vocabgrabber – This free online tool extracts words from any document, demonstrates how they are used in context, and generates vocabulary word lists.

Brightstorm Math - free online help with algebra, geometry, precalculus, and calculus through more than 2,000 online videos
Cool Math - links
Mathematics in Movies - collected by Harvard University
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives – University of Utah site filled with math manipulatives for grades K-12


10 Facts - about the teen brain by Live Science
40 Cool Science Experiments - by Scholastic
Access Excellence Health Center - virtual field trips and labs related to health and science
AIMS - Saint Louis University's Adventures in Medicine and Science
AP Biology - handouts
Cleveland Museum of Natural History - e-field trip
Famous Scientists - information on their lives and achievements
Harvest of History - where food comes from
Interactive Brain Tour - Part 1 shows how the brain functions, and Part 2 demonstrates the effects of Alzheimers
Learning Science - many free tools for Science teachers
Louisville Science Center - virtual field trip
Medicine - History of Medicine by the National Institutes of Health
Mote Marine Laboratory - virtual field trip
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry - virtual field trip
Periodic Table of Videos - from the University of Nottingham
Physics Central - games, lesson plans and more
Promethean Planet – National Geographic content
Science Podcasts – Views of the world through the eyes of a young scientist
Simple Tools - great game by the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry (physics)
Smartboard Science - 10 sites
Solar System - courtesy of NASA
Story of Stuff - Anti-consumerism video that links finished products to the ecological cost
Water - Hidden Water We Use by National Geographic

Social Studies


Gail Lovely's Site - emuseums, travelogues, tours, map-based visits, and read-along visits
Interactive Map - of the US


Best of History - list of over 1200 sites
European History - The History Guide
History Animated - a new way to look at history
History Place - great resources
Interactive Museum - for John F. Kennedy

Media Resources

World War II Videos - from History.com
Youtube channels - 7 best for History teachers

Social Studies

101 Great Social Studies Sites - list of links
3D Ancient Wonders - Cool way to look at ancient buildings and architechture
Bubbabrain.com - over 400 games for social studies review

Tech Tools

Timelines - cool software

Virtual Field Trips

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
Mount Vernon - e-field trip to George Washington's estate
National WWII Museum - virtual field trip
Paris 26 Gigapixels - take a close up look at Paris!
Virtual Jamestown - an interactive historical site
We Choose the Moon - interactive site about the first moon landing

Technology - All Content Areas


Rubistar Rubric Generator – Create your own rubric or use one from a teacher-created bank
Rubrics - how to use them & the best sites to find them
Writing Effective Rubrics - 5 most important features by Teach-nology

Device Integration

12 Ways to Use Ipod Touch - in the classroom
Appitic - 1,300+ educational apps for your iPad
Best iPad apps - for elementary school children
Edudemic - using iPads to teach music
Eduscapes - smartboard activities
Finding the right web tool - for teachers
Interactive Whiteboard Resources - 65 free
iPad apps - top 100 free
iPad resources - for administrators
Makeuseof - best iPad apps
Mobile Technology - classroom uses
smART Games - by the Art Institute of Chicago

Free Stuff for Teachers

Free children's books - 124 sites to find them online
Free Printables for Teachers – Just what the name says, generally for primary grades
Free Resources for Educational Excellence – Government site with resources for nearly all grade levels and content areas
Freeology - free stuff for teachers

Lists of Teacher Links

77 Web Resources  -  for teachers
Educational Sites - HUGE list by allmyfaves.com
Great Links - for high school teachers
Ideas to Inspire - thousands of links for teachers
Links for Teachers  - from Ed Tech
Pinterest - How educators can use it
Sites for Teachers – Page of links on a variety of topics
Teacher's Guide - to the importance of making and learning from mistakes
Top 25 Social Networks for Educators

Media Resources

100 Video Sites - every educator should bookmark
Free iPad Books - top four resources
Instructional Videos - 25 places to find them
Motivational videos - for teens
Top Documentary Films - to watch free online
Watchknow - instructional videos on a wide variety of topics

Online Games

60 Educational Game Sites You've Probably Never Seen - collected by Tech Happy
Free Online Educational Games for Kids – Games, activities, ebooks, printables, and more
Fun Brain – learning activities for all ages
Mission to Learn - games to "change the world"
Online games - for a variety of subjects from E-Z School

Software/Online Activities

Brainpop - Free activities, quizzes, movies, and more. Some available in Spanish and for English Language Learners
Educational Freeware - resources for educators
Interactives - for Math, Science, History, Language, and the Arts
Interactive Quizzes for all grades & subjects
Scholastic Online Activities – A variety of educational activities for all ages
Scratch - from MIT, create and share interactive stories, games, music, and art
Touch Typing Training - free online course for older students
Typing instruction - from the BBC
Webquests – Many that have been created by teachers and how to make your own
Webquest Collections – Even more webquests with ratings

Teacher Collaboration

Educational Collaborative Space - MIT software to facilitate teacher collaboration - free download
Nettrekker Village – Global network of educators to share tips, strategies, and resources
School Rack – K-12 teachers can establish classroom portals for students and parents with discussion boards, internal messaging and online assignment collections

Tech Help for Teachers

AdOut - removes ads from websites--free
Create wall posters - free
Educational Technology Clearinghouse - links to a huge amount of ed tech resources
Google - for teachers (free 33 page guide)
Guide to Digtal Learning - sponsored by Technology and Learning Magazine and HP
Higher grades - through Twitter
Over 100 Google Tricks - for teachers
PowerPoint - thousands of free backgrounds, etc

Virtual Field Trips

Best Online Interactive Museums - by Making Teachers Nerdy
Center for Puppetry Arts - e-field trip
Hank Fincken - A national theater company of one virtual field trip
Virtual Field Trips and eField Trips - tips and locations

Special Education/RtI

50 games on dealing with anger by Kim's Counseling Corner
Awesome Library Special Education Pages – Information on many special education eligibilities
Behavior Advisor – instructional strategies to manage problem behaviors
Best Evidence Encyclopedia - evidence-based practices from Johns Hopkins University School of Education
Books without Barriers - Free accessible print resources for those with disabilities
Current Practice Alerts - about teaching students with learning disabilities
Differentiating Instruction
Do2Learn – Many online learning activities including ways to teach about emotions (found under games)
Free Character Education Resources – Resources and activities for ages K-12
Institute for Community Inclusion - Resources and publications promoting inclusive Communities by the University of Massachusetts Boston and Children's Hospital Boston
Instructional Strategies - Courtesy of the Saskatoon Public Schools
JobTips - a free program designed to help individuals with disabilities such as autism explore career interests, seek and obtain employment, and successfully maintain employment.
Litfy - thousands of free ebooks with note-taking capacity and other features
Personalized learning - Top 10 components
Processing Deficits – Definitions and teaching strategies for each one
Promising Practice Network - Best practices from the Rand Corporation
Researching a paper - flowchart explanation
Research-Based Instructional Strategies with Technology Resources – Spreadsheet
Special Education Resources on the Internet – List of links compiled by the U.S. Department of Education
Super Duper Publications - dozens of free printable handouts about disabilities and education (free membership required)
Teaching Social Skills in the Middle School ELA Curriculum – Just what it sounds like
Turning-Talk – a new social learning community where registered users can participate in forums, build their own blog, and download instructional content
University of the People – Provides universal access to college-level studies
Using Games - to enhance learning, by Educational Leadership
What Works Clearinghouse - from the U.S. Department of Education